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Cullen Keiser

Cullen Keiser Architecture Ltd is a small architectural firm based in Tauranga. We have 5 full time staff. Daniel Cullen has just over 19 years’ experience in New Zealand and aboard. Cullen Keiser Architecture is a Tauranga based practice working nationally and internationally. Our passion is contemporary architecture using the latest materials and styles for commercial and top end residential buildings. We design places and spaces that perform with leading edge design and environmental responsibility.


Our focus is to provide a professional quality service that stands out among others and that is reflected in our design. Our biggest marketing tool is the consultants and clients we work for. Their referral is where the majority of our future work comes from. It is important we keep good relationships to further increase our profile. 


We are incredibly lucky in this industry to be able to be innovative and creative. It’s the greatest feeling to create something, (sometimes at 2am in the morning!) become a physical reality in front of you. We always challenge ourselves to become better and push the boundaries, to express ourselves, ideas, and creativity on a building.