Project Description

In 2015 we were approached to design a contemporary home amongst a relatively standard subdivision in Pukekohe. Our brief was to design a 4-bedroom home that stood out from the rest with open plan living that provided optimal indoor/outdoor flow and solar gain. The home also had to be well suited to the surrounding landscape that maximized the site coverage of the relatively small site.


Design Features

The home had to be designed to suit the tight corner site and restricting road setbacks. Along with the moderate contour of the land and boundary height planes, we had to carefully place the dwelling so that it would not encroach into these restrictions but also leave a comfortable outdoor area. The building is positioned so that the bedroom and living areas all face north for maximum solar gain. The kitchen is to the East for the morning sun, lounge and outdoor area to the West for the evening sun. It also needed be positioned in a way that would give all the living areas immediate access to outdoors.


During the site visit we noticed there was a great view in the foreground to the East of rolling green paddocks. With the brief to create something that “stands out from the rest”, we created a master bedroom “block” that cantilevers over the kitchen to capture the views to the east for the morning sun. This area of the building has been clad in a cedar batten and plywood rainscreen, a sustainable product to differentiate this area from the rest of the house.


The home comprises of slopping mono roof planes enveloped by vertical Stria Weatherboards paired with areas of light, Specialized plaster finish providing a sense of harmony. The Cedar batten and plywood rainscreen allows for a contrasting material to soften the base claddings.


Entering the home, expansive glazing and stacking sliders connect the main living area to the outdoor living space so that when all the glazing is opened if feels as if it’s one large entertainment space. This expansive glazing allows for the sweeping sun to the north to enter the building in excess providing natural lighting and warmth. However, during the summer months when the sun travels in a much higher arc the sunlight becomes blinding & unforgiving, with the larger overhang to the West lounge area, we have reduced the amount of sunlight that is able to enter the home.


Team Credits

Architecture: Daniel Cullen

Builders: Main Frame Construction Ltd.

Photographer: Harry Janssen