Project Description

In 2018 we were approached by Meridian 37 to design a purpose made, state of the art facility for food packaging products, human health and industrial use moulding, inspection and packing. The tenant, Tekplas are engineering specialists that ensure all their products are 100% recyclable & recycle 100% of their waste material. With the only facility in New Zealand offering plastic moulding inside an ISO Class 7 clean room environment. With complicated services including electrical, fire suppression, temperature control, and ventilation moulding rooms. This wasn’t going to be an easy task, but extremely rewarding.


Design Features

The facility encompassed two clean rooms, a packing area, engineering warehouse, offices and a drive through canopy for inward and outwards goods. The first part of the design ended up one of the main challenges, we had to position these mould shops to efficiently run and be easily maintained without creating a sore aesthetic to the outside of the building. To solve this, we split the clean rooms adjacent to each other with a central mezzanine level to hold the High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters that service both mould shops. Centralising these filters allowed for minimum runs to service both mould shops with air, and access for easy maintenance. To further complicate this issue, the mould shops needed a separate steel structure incorporated into the steel truss to support the clean room ceiling panels. Purlins were sporadically laid at approximately 1800crs, fixed to the underside of the steel trusses. The ceiling panels were fixed to the purlins with mushroom bolts. Within these purlins we had to make sure we didn’t clash with any sprinkler heads, lighting, intake and extract vents. Which made for a very colourful Reflected Ceiling Plan!


The office layout had a central clean room change area, joined with bathrooms, lockers, and separate employee entry. Staff room with large outdoor area, with privacy screen. The main entry had full height glazing exposing the concrete stairs that led to an open plan office, meeting rooms and board room overlooking the open fields.


One of the features to the building is the internal windows that view into the mould room from the offices. This is so visitors can excuse themselves from the laborious task  of changing into specialised PPE gear to experience the clean room first hand. The roof and the walls are all insulated that presents a comfortable warehouse space for employees. The steel structure is made up of SHS and RHS steel, as opposed to your typical UB and UC steel. This was to keep with the cleanliness of the facility.


The facility comprises of shallow slopping parapet roofs, apex and mono roof insulated planes enveloped by vertical insulated panels for temperature comfort. Paired with areas of exposed concrete tilt panels, with a touch of vertical aluminium and cedar weatherboard finish providing a sense of harmony.


Team Credits

Architecture: Daniel Cullen

Builders: Livingstone Building NZ Ltd.

Photographer: Emma Steiner